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Stephanie Martin


Most of the original etchings you see here are available for sale. Landscape paintings are currently sold out. Contact Stephanie if you would like to get a price quote or arrange a studio visit. You can also send an email to add your name to her mailing list (email or snail mail).

Many etchings can be purchased through Stephanie's online shop on Etsy:
If you are interested in an etching that is not listed in the shop, please send an email with your inquiries. It may well be in stock.

You can view more recent work on Stephanie's Facebook page.Thank you for your interest!

Stephanie Martin
129 Miles St.
Santa Cruz, California U.S.A. 95060

831-426-2495 martins4(at)

Email me with the form below, which sometimes acts weird but is supposed to reduce my spam mail, or just directly at: martins4((at))

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